To study, is to work

To work, is to study

This is the official website of the Line Index Studio* LLC. The Studio is decentralized but we are on the east coast in two cities: Brooklyn, NY and Trenton, NJ.

Our field centers on art, digital installations, design, web development, and most importantly systems design — we help nonprofits, grassroots organizations, universities, and cultural centers create systems for using technology in the global world. This includes project management, workflows, technology training, branding, and traditional graphic design.

We are four:

Manu Mei-Singh:

Designer (10+ years), developer (7+ years), community activist (10+ years), B-boy (16+ years), amateur wood worker and artist. When Manu isn't working he is often reading, drawing, thinking and a volunteer at the Trenton Circus Squad.

Tammy Trinh:

Super curious about how people interact w objects/their surroundings/each other. Spends a decent amount of time dancing, discovering new music, and putting together playlists. Recently signed up for a ceramics class and is excited to be working with her hands.

Vic Lam:

Motivated by code and fueled by enchiladas, Vic is an impassioned developer with a diverse background in software and hardware development. What he lacks in good looks, he makes up for in technical resourcefulness. Prior to metamorphosing into a developer, he gathered 5 years of experience in technical consulting and software implementations, including projects like the PGA Tour Website, the USGA Website, and the Verizon IndyCar Mobile App.

Lori Johansson:

Lori is a multimedia artist, musician, tap dancer, activist, and commuting cyclist. She is inspired by her surroundings in the Trenton community, and enjoys working on bicycles, engaging in art projects with local residents and families, and creating music.

We will be showing our work sometime in 2017.


"Manu Mei-Singh brought in his team with Tammy Trinh and Vic Lam to address layout, color and programming issues for our cobbled together Wordpress site. They needed to address the multi-display possibilities and bring together complex scheduling, promotional and payment functionality along with developing and maintaining a growing archive as events and classes completed It was a challenge for a large team. This expert four person team delivered. We are thrilled with their work at all the critical levels along with the secondary functionality we wanted. I am pleased to recommend them for whatever any organization needs for on-line communications, whether large scale or more modest projects."

-- Michael Lardner (Marxist Education Project)

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